American History Makers - Henry Altemus Company

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American History Makers
1915 - 1916, 1934

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Story of Young George Washington

Whipple, Wayne




Story of Young Abraham Lincoln

Whipple, Wayne




Story of Young Benjamin Franklin

Whipple, Wayne




Story of Young Andrew Jackson (not published)

Whipple, Wayne




Story of Young U.S. Grant (not published)

Whipple, Wayne




Story of Young Franklin Roosevelt

Whipple, Wayne




Young American Heroes

Whipple, Wayne



Format 1 - Volumes 1-3 Henry Altemus Company
Cloth with line drawn multicolored book specific illustration on the cover. Book appropriate line drawn endpaper illustrations. The white coated dust jacket matches the book. 8 x 5.75. The later format 1 books are slightly smaller (7.625 x 5) and have plain endpapers. The latest books in this format have the same book cover as the Format 1 books but have the format two dust jacket. This appears to be a transitional book between these two formats.

Format 2 - Volumes 1-3 Henry Altemus Company
Green cloth with title and author in gold gilt lettering above a book appropriate appliqué on the front cover. Dust jacket matches the book. 7.5 x 5.25.

Format 3 - Volumes 1-3 Henry Altemus Company
Blue cloth with portrait of book subject line drawn in black on the front cover. Author and title in black lettering. Later this lettering was changed to gold gilt. Dust jacket has pictorial picture of subject character surrounded by various pictorial vignettes. 7.5 x 5.25.

Format 4 - Volumes 1-3 Henry Altemus Company
Green. Reinforced Library Buckram Binding. An applique encompasses the entire front cover. This applique is the same as the dust jacket cover from Format #2. End papers are light brown. The title is gold lettered on the spine. 7.5 x 5. No dust jacket has been seen.

Format 5 - Volumes 1-3, 6. Goldsmith Publishing Company
Various colors. Cloth. Front cover has a line drawn picture of the white house in the center. Title is at the top of the cover and author at the bottom. The dust jacket is pictorial with the title character portrait in the center surrounded by book appropriate vignettes. 7.75 x 5.25

Format 6 - Volume 7 Goldsmith Publishing Company
Red. Cloth. Front cover has center triangle naming books #1-3. The dust jacket is pictorial showing scenes from the three books which are within this volume. 8.25 x 6.

Series Notes:
1. The Story of Young U.S. Grant is mentioned in the ads of several books but was not published. In the Altemus Catalogues, that book as well as The Story of Andrew Jackson are said to be "in preparation" but were never noted as published in subsequent catalogues or ads.
2. There are 8 line drawn color illustrations in formats 1 and 2.
3. Format 3 books all have a colored portrait of the subject as a frontispiece. Some early editions of this format have 7 internal line drawn color illustrations.
4. The early Format 1 The Story of George Washington has different text than all the other formats of this book. The first 190 pages are identical. Thereafter, the early book includes a short appendix about Washington's siblings and ends on page 203. The later versions end at page 256 and include other information about Washington.
5. As with the George Washington book and the page number differential between books, the earliest Lincoln book has only 226 pages whereas the later Format 1 book and the other formats all have 258 pages. The changes are found within various chapters. It is almost as if the author needed to enlarge the book so he added filler-without any change in content.
6. Both Abraham Lincoln Format 1 books pictured below have the decorated end papers and are the larger size books. The later book has the later copyright of 1918 whereas the earlier book only has the 1915 copyright.
7. Between 1930 and 1933 Altemus published a number of books in a Reinforced Library Buckram Binding. These new books included the three books of this series. They were published concurrently with the Format 3 books. The Format 3 books were $1.00 while the Buckram Books were $1.25. The content/text/pictures were the same between the two formats.
8. Book #7 Young American Heroes is an omnibus book comprised of books #1-3.
9. The Goldsmith books were published beginning in 1934.

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